Ruth Davidson & party loyalty

Last week Ruth Davidson criticised Kezia Dugdale, the Scottish Labour leader, and Willie Rennie, leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, for being weak because they will allow candidates to stand for their parties even if they believe in independence.

Either Ruth Davidson is taking an indirect swipe at David Cameron or she has no idea how ridiculous she looks. If Dugdale and Rennie are weak for allowing candidates to disagree with party policy where does that leave Cameron who is allowing cabinet ministers to campaign against government policy? We are watching the astonishing sight of UK government ministers publicly fighting the Prime Minister whilst remaining in the cabinet. Is Ruth Davidson unaware how absurd her party appears? Or is she distancing herself from her boss by implying that David Cameron is a weak leader of a bitterly divided party?

Has there ever been a time when the two main UK parties were as fundamentally divided? Many Labour MPs seem increasingly detached from their own leader and from the party activists. The Tories, meanwhile, look in danger of repeating the trauma suffered by Labour in the aftermath of the last EU referendum when an equally divided party saw the SDP split off in 1981.

It’s four years till the next UK General Election. By the time 2020 arrives UK politics might be utterly unrecognisable.


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