A disgraceful abuse of power

On October 8th 2016 the Dundee Courier printed a letter I wrote (see below) following the Conservative Party conference. Theresa May had suggested that she would take the UK out of the EU’s Single Market. Yesterday she confirmed that stance, and clearly intends to sideline Parliament who will have no say in whether the UK stays in the Single Market. In October I wrote that “this would be the most disgraceful abuse of power by any British politician since the introduction of universal suffrage”. I stand by that, and everything that I wrote in this letter.

My letter was edited by the Courier. The original version said, “to her the will of the people means what a majority of Leave voters want, ie a minority of those who voted. The 48% and less extreme Leave voters don’t count“. The highlighted text, which the Courier removed, is important. May, without any mandate, intends to transform the UK and its relationship with the EU and the rest of the world even though she knows that she lacks the support of the majority of the British people. This is indeed a disgraceful abuse of power and a travesty of democracy, all in the interests of her career and her party rather than the country.

no mandate


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